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Old school trumps talk to the hand

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Posted: Monday, February 6, 2012 6:29 pm

There are some phrases that should be removed from the English language. Here are some of my suggestions. I have other suggestions but they are not suitable for a family newspaper.

"Get over it." If it were that easy to get over it, the speaker would already have done it.

"Talk to the hand," means I am not listening to you. The hand cannot hear, you know. It is only a little better than "shut up."

The word "winning" was made famous by actor Charlie Sheen who may or may not be winning. We have not heard from him in some time.

"Out of this world" should be excluded since Americans and others have, in the past few years, walked upon other planets successfully and returned to earth to tell us about the experience.

This one is used exclusively by women - "to die for." Females often say, "That dress is to die for."

I am a female who, in my long lifetime, had many dresses, beginning with copies of those worn by Shirley Temple. I liked most of them but, once in a while, my mother chose one I hated. I always managed to tear them or rip a sleeve so that it could not be worn anymore. I never had a dress I would die for.

I think we can safely do away with "Get a horse," a call once shouted at early automobile drivers, since cars and planes are now our major mode of transportation. If we are offended by someone's driving habits, there are hand signals that can be shown through a car window that express our outrage. I do not, however, recommend this, as it can lead to really hard feelings and possibly injury.

"You and who else?" was a phrase heard during my youth. This phrase was grammatically incorrect, usually used preceding a fight, which I have made an important point of avoidance.

I think we could do away with "rumble seat." I am the only living human being who knows what a "rumble seat" was. It was a compartment on the rear of a car, where the trunk is now located. It opened from the top and contained an open-air seat for 2 or 3 people if they were not too big. Drivers put their kids in that seat after warning them not to stand up. It was very rough on the hair but, when I was a little girl, nobody cared.

One phrase I am hearing a lot is "That

is too old school." Well friends, I, too am "old school," and if you don't like it, "talk to the hand."


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    Out of all those phrases, "talk to the hand" is the one I dislike the most, which is probably because it's more childish than anything else. I don't really think it's a legitimate phrase, like the others, since there appears to be an age restriction placed on it. Anyway, I'm more of a logical minded individual (coming from a system analyst background), so stuff like that doesn't resonate well with me.

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