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God can be your Valentine

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Richards News

Happy Valentine’s Day! When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think of love. Most people would not think of this being a Christian holiday, but I do, and I’ll tell you why. Love is mentioned so many times in the Bible. In the King James Version, love is mentioned 310 times - in the Old Testament it’s mentioned 131 times and in the New Testament 179 times.

Valentine’s is a happy and joyful time for some and a sad time for others. Many folks receive candy, cards, dinner, flowers and many other things to share with their love on Valentine’s Day. Then, there are those who may be alone and not receive anything. Well, if you happen to be one of those people that are alone on this special day, just know you are never really alone. Pick up the Bible – it has so much to say about love. We are talking about the real love here.

•If you have ever wanted to be queen, then this just might be your chance. It’s “Fair Queen” time. If you are a young lady, who has dreamed of being queen, then this just might be the chance for which you have been waiting. Some deserving young lady will be representing Grimes County. Do not miss the sign-up meeting at 6 p.m. Feb. 21 at the Grimes County Go Texan Building. For more information and other opportunities, check this year’s fair book.

I encourage all the youth to participate in the fair. There are many ways to do so and many things that you can do. This information can be found in the Grimes County Fair book or on line.

•As I sit here by the warm fire, I am enjoying every moment. It sleeted in Richards late Friday afternoon, as temperatures dropped. This cold spell brought cold temperatures for a couple of days and nights, and the following days it began to warm up with drizzling and, yes, even more rain.

Sampson, our St. Bernard English Sheepdog cross, loved the cold weather. Sampson was running and jumping like a young puppy. Our boxer, Duke, was shivering and I had to keep Sampson from running into him, he was being so playful. Duke was feeling a little under the weather, as some wild hogs got the best of him and put a hole in his side. Duke is much too old to be chasing wild hogs, but you cannot tell him that. It’s hard to teach an old dog new tricks, which in this case would be to not protect our place.

My thoughts go back to when it was much, much warmer. Payton was trying to kill a snake and Lee said he saw one by the building before that. So, be careful because the snakes are moving; at least they were when it was warmer this past week! They could be confused. When it’s so cold do they come to a standstill? I am thinking maybe the old “Ground Hog” is right and it is only six more weeks until spring!

•Some of the Richards roads will be getting a new facelift, including Bays Chapel Road. They will soon be replacing the asphalt. Smith Company workers said that traffic will be slower, but no detours are planned. Please, drive safely as you pass in the area where they will be working, located just out of town.

•Dave Saffle, pastor of Crossroads Fellowship, and his wife, Gayle, just returned from New York City. They had a very enjoyable time, as they celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! Congratulations to this wonderful couple!

•I was blessed to attend the baptism of my great-niece, Olivia Rose Otto. Olivia Rose was baptized Sunday at St. Stanislaus Catholic Church in Anderson. This beautiful little baby girl is the daughter of Candy and Dan Otto of Whitehall. A dinner was served afterwards at the home and it was beautiful in every way.

•Hope your week will be filled with many blessings - stay safe, warm and dry!

•Please remember in your prayers Stacey Wisnoski, Rebecca Wisnoski, Ann and Dick Lindsey, Darlene and Richard Ward and Virginia Backhus.

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