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Richards VFD receives new truck

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Richards Volunteer Fire Department has exciting news! They received a High-Water Rescue and Brush Truck from a grant from the National Forestry Service they applied for four years ago. They are now asking for community assistance.

Richards VFD will need to do some things to the new truck as part of the agreement, such as paint the vehicle, add a skid unit for the water and equip it with search and rescue equipment. Saturday, May 8, they held a boot drive at he the fire station few hours in Richards trying to raise funds at the fire station to make this possible.

I planned to make it to the fire station to donate, but I was unable to make it. I was informed donations can still be made by mail. I plan to and thought maybe some of you would love to join in supporting the volunteers with a donation. Please send your donations to Richards VFD. PO Box 511, Richards Texas. 77873. Thank you for supporting them and our community.

According to Gwen Pool, Richards Civic Club held their monthly civic meeting May 5. Three officers were present, and the discussion was about a list of things to do. A decision was made with the COVID-19 shut down not allowing more than 10 to gather, to hold off having their public meeting until it is cleared with the Governor of Texas. They thank the community for their support and plan to get things rolling just as soon as they can.

Hope everyone enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend. It was a beautiful one! All my family didn’t meet on Mother’s Day, but I did see all my family as visitations started late in the week with one or two children coming every day. It made Mother’s Day last a lot longer! I am feeling so very blessed!

I want to warn you just in case you didn’t know, the snakes are out, and they are not afraid of the virus or anything else for that matter. My husband agreed to go out to feed and shut up the chickens the other night for me as I was going in to get supper ready. When I heard gunfire. I thought, oh he has a snake. Every few minutes I heard more. When he came into the house I asked if he shot a snake and he replied, “yes three big ones.” I am glad he went that day instead of me. I‘ve had my runins and killed several snakes. I firmly believe, the only good snake is a dead snake! Even if they don’t hurt you, you will hurt yourself trying to get away! I just can’t imagine how many holes my chicken house would have accumulated had I had seen three!

Let’s continue to come together in praying for an end to this virus and all of the problems it’s causing our world. There are so many people tired of it. There are some that are in denial about the whole thing. There are some that think it’s political, others may think other countries are involved. Some say it’s just the media promoting it. Wherever you are on the ride, one thing is certain, most folks are ready for a change. I have not heard one person say they like the situations that it has caused so many. So, take time to pray about it as I know so many of you have been doing. I believe in the power of prayer! Our God is so good!

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