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How are you affected by the coronavirus?

I don’t want to be naïve about the longterm impacts this virus could have on many, many people for many, many years: physical, economic, social, political, etc. I have concerns about what this will look like for my family, however, I am trusting in God and leaning on His promise that He will never leave me or forsake me (Deut 31:6). I am trusting His word, and, in the faithfulness, He has shown in all times, good and bad. I’m trying to take this time to learn how to better abide in God and His word. I am appreciative for the time with my precious family. I am doing more projects around the home, cooking more, the grout on my bathtub is even spotless, I’m sitting on the front porch enjoying nature more often, reading, writing, pursuing creative interests. I’m also praying for an end to the virus, but thankful for the silver linings I am becoming more aware of every day!

Nancy Jane McMillan


Have no fear and trust the Lord. Love your neighbors and pray for each other. God will heal our nation if we all repent and surrender to Christ. Lord have mercy and may God be with us all.

Melina Gomez


Just staying home and being glad to. We all have to cooperate for all of us. God Bless the World.

Debra Coborn Steele Anderson