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Independence Day celebration

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In this week’s edition of Grilling Stafford with Navasota City Manager Brad Stafford, Ana Cosino and Kenny Graves, Stafford discusses a variety of topics including an Independence Day celebration.

Stafford also addresses fishing etiquette, searching for employment within the city and construction around town.

Highlights from Grilling Stafford – Episode 7

Are there any programs to help people unemployed due to COVID-19 find local employment? “I’m not real sure on finding local employment. You know there are unemployment benefits that people can apply for, but they can probably go to the Workforce Commission to see if there are any job openings. You can also look at The Examiner in the classified section. I saw a few job ads there. So, those are a couple locations you can check out.”

What is TxDOT doing on Hwy 6 between 3090 and the Navasota River bridge? “They are resurfacing the roadway between College Station and I believe all the way down to Hempstead.”

With Gov. Abbott allowing more events to happen, what does Navasota have planned for our citizens? “We have a lot of fun planned for our citizens. We have a Fourth of July Independence Day celebration planned. For many years we’ve had a parade, games and hotdogs for the kids and fun, but this year we’re going to go a little further. Madison (Brooks), Rayna (Willenbrink), Ana (Cosino) and several of our local businesses have gotten together and planned a great event for Independence Day. We’re going to have the parade, but it is going to be reversed from year’s past. We are going to go from the Navasota Center to downtown. That will start at 11 a.m. We have some other surprises coming that we are still working on but one we do have is live music from a local band. A lot of the local shops are also going to have sales so get out to our local shops and look for something to buy. Come out and support our locals but also celebrate Independence Day.”

There are several that live in Dove Crossing and are concerned about the wildlife and habitat due to the increase in people coming fishing and leaving their trash and fishing equipment. Several residents go down to the pond daily and pick up trash and throw away fishing line and hooks left behind. Residents have seen several ducks with fishing line wrapped around their legs and necks. They have also witnessed several people destroying duck eggs Is there anything that can be done to help remedy this situation? Residents understand it is a city owned pond and love that families can get away to relax and get the opportunity to fish, but it is getting out of hand and we worry that the ducks and fish will not continue to reproduce for families to enjoy years down the road. “Whoever wrote the question, we appreciate the fact that they are good stewards of our community and are really trying to take care of the environment and the resources that we have. I would say to the citizens, we do encourage you to utilize our parks, Patout Pond for fishing and feeding the ducks but be smart and take care of the resources that we have. Don’t be mean, don’t destroy nests and pick up after yourself. That goes for anywhere we are. When COVID started people were dropping masks. I know a lot of true fisherman that always pick up more than they came in with and that’s what they should be doing. If you are using that pond clean up after yourself and others if they haven’t. The police patrol the park but if a citizen witnesses someone doing those things often times confronting them yourself is not always a good idea, but you can call the police.”

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