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Stafford announces planned explosions

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Navasota City Manager Brad Stafford talks about the big surprise, explosives coming to Navasota in the latest edition of Grilling Stafford.

Stafford also discussed his new role as Texas City Management Association president with Ana Cosino of The Examiner and Kenny Graves from Willy 98.7.

Can you talk about the big surprise now? “We can. We announced Monday night that the Navasota Freedom Festival on July 4, Independence Day, will have a fireworks show. We are extremely excited to have that, and the fi reworks show is paid for by sponsors. Those sponsors will be announced later so they can get their recognition.

To watch the fireworks at the Navasota Freedom Festival when and where will folks need to gather and/or park? “The great part about the plan that we put together is most of Navasota can see them (fireworks) from their yard. You can see them from downtown and various locations. We will be located at Brule Field but there will be a perimeter so there is not as much room for people to go there. So, I encourage people to go downtown or other locations. We are still having to remember social distancing and Madison and Rayna have been reminding people of that. And that is the reason we centrally located them to keep people scattered and they can enjoy the show.”

Can you tell us about your new position with TCMA? “I was elected president of the City Management Association this year. I took over the office Monday, so I have only been there a very short time in office. I’ve been a member of TCMA now for 25 years, so I thought it was an awesome deal to run and be elected. It’s a great organization that I am proud to be a part of.”

The discussion about subdivision roadways was brought up in the city council meeting. Will you describe who is responsible for maintaining the roadways in subdivisions? So, let’s go a little deeper – before the maintenance comes the construction. And that’s where the confusion came at the city council meeting. We had someone ask about the city constructing a roadway in a city right-of-way. We have an unimproved right-of-way and they wanted to develop on the end of it and they were asking us to build the roadway. The city does not usually build roadways. We maintain roadways once they have been constructed to our specifications. Then we accept them into our system per their request, and we will accept maintenance of those roadways. The issue at hand is it was an unimproved area and we do not have a roadway there. Their developer would need to construct the street. The explanation I was trying to give Monday night, because the question always comes up, is why doesn’t the city build these roads to help the citizens? The issue is the city receives its money from the citizens. The money the citizens already here are paying goes towards their (the streets) maintenance and the improvements are made. So, if you start subsidizing roadway construction for development that means all the citizens are subsidizing those developments. That’s just not how that works in most cities or counties.”

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