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Stafford releases a bold prediction

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In Navasota, football is a hot topic and in Grilling Stafford – Episode 8, Navasota City Manager Brad Stafford made a bold statement that may cause lash back from many Rattler fans and former players. Stafford also discusses Little League Baseball, the P.A. Smith Hotel and new restaurants in this week’s edition.

Highlights from Grilling Stafford – Episode 8

Due to COVID-19 Grimes County Little League is proposing an abbreviated league to begin in June. What is the city’s standpoint on this? “Let’s go! I’m ready to see some ball. I’m ready to see kids swimming, I’m ready to see little league, I’m ready to see Major League. I’m ready to see it all. I think with proper guidelines and safety precautions in place and people that are high risk avoid these situations, then I think we need to let the kids start playing.”

Has there been any new information on the $10 million Capital Improvement Bond? “We talked with the city council about that and we’re still moving slowly forward to make sure we have our engineering in place, checking with the bonding agents and watching the citizens and how the jobs are reacting. Are folks getting back to work. We don’t want to create a situation that’s difficult financially for anyone, but at the same time these projects do need to move on. We have a lot of infrastructure that’s really old and worn out that needs to be replaced.”

What new restaurants are on the radar for Navasota? “Well I know about Rail and Rye, which is at the intersection of Washington Avenue and Railroad Street. We also have plans for The Red Board Table and Tavern on Railroad Street and a microbrewery that’s in the plans, also on Railroad Street. So, we have a few options coming in to go with all the great restaurants we already have.”

With the recent rains, have you been able to see an improvement in drainage in the downtown area since the last construction projects were done? “Fortunately, we have not had flooding, but we probably haven’t had the amount of rainfall that has caused previous floods. That rate of rainfall that fell in 2015 and 2016, that was a drastic amount of rain in a short amount of time. We have not had that type of rain as of yet, but we do see that it is draining better.”

The PA Smith Hotel building was featured in the INSITE Magazine, will you elaborate on that? And do you know when it will open? “I read the article and it was a great article. Janice did a great job of promoting the hotel, the work that is being done and she also promoted all the other work that’s going on around them. I thought it was a great article to just promote Railroad Street and Navasota. As far as when it opens, I am not sure. The answer I got is it will be open soon – there just isn’t a hard date as to when it will open.”

The big debate in Navasota is who wins the game between the 2012 Navasota Rattler State Championship football team and the 2014 Rattler State Champs? “Whew, you put me on the hot seat. That’s why they call this Grilling Stafford. Do I have to answer this question? I watched both teams from end to end on the season and they were both great teams. I’m going to go with the 2012 team. I think there are some guys who played back in the 90’s that are going to argue with that team and the 2014 team because I’ve heard them.”

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