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Careful preaching local propaganda

Dear Publisher,

On June 10, 2020, I read in your newspaper Richard Grimes’ letter to the editor entitled, “Turn off national news for a week” standing up for and justifying excessive police brutality.

When a person proposes closing social media such as Facebook and turning off news from around the world only to preach a local propaganda, this action demonstrates reducing human freedom, as well as, promoting mind control and brainwashing.

What is your opinion of slavery? Indentured servants and slaves existed in biblical times. At the conclusion of the United States Civil War, slavery was abolished. Slavery no longer continues today.

I am glad you printed this story because I understand the community showing safety for its citizens. I certainly do not approve of assault or abuse of public servants.

I think that as slavery ended in the 1800’s, so police patrol may be reduced in the 2000’s.

I’ve noticed the corruption and racism in the police departments, the running and savage behavior, as not educated, civil servants.

It is important for a newspaper to have the freedom to print this report because we want to hear all opinions on any topic so that we, the United States citizens, can make the best decision.


Elizabeth Yeates

Bryan, Texas