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Letter to the editor

Turn off national news for a week Dear Publisher,

Let’s stop allowing others to blame all Law Enforcement professionals for the mistakes of a miniscule few! And can we please stop justifying the destruction of personal property or the physical harm to others as a way to right these wrongs?!

The recent actions of a Minneapolis Police Officer were unmistakably WRONG and resulted in the death of a (by all accounts) decent human being and a good man! History chronicles the mistakes of others that weren’t always dealt with fairly. There are statistics that bear out similar tragedies in the firestorm of mostly inaccurate reporting by a clearly biased “drive-by” media! In any case, a life lost as a result of a mistake or someone’s personal prejudices is NEVER acceptable! 99.8% of America said the same thing recently! But consider the following:

Currently there are over 800,000 Law Enforcement professionals working every day and night to protect and serve their communities with a servants’ heart in the United States. The percentage of those that have nefarious intentions or prejudices is clearly miniscule and heavily outweighed by those that go above and beyond their job descriptions to provide a much-needed service to their communities. Most of the majority do this without regard for personal safety and at great personal risk, and this doesn’t count the sacrifices their families make!

How often have you heard about the local Police Officer taking time out of their day to respond to the personal needs of a citizen? How many of you have even considered what that means? Consider the stranded motorist that couldn’t change a flat tire on the side of a busy 2-lane highway (with no shoulder), or the local Police Officer that went to the pharmacy to pick up several prescriptions (at their personal expense) because an elderly citizen had lost or had stolen their monthly stipend from the government leaving them with NOTHING to provide for their medical needs for the rest of the month. Which media outlets informed us of these selfless acts?!

Law Enforcement professionals could all ignore these needs or drive by them with their emergency lights on to avoid stepping out to help others like this! But more times than we realize, they don’t! They stop to help and do so at personal expense because they CARE! They don’t get expense account reimbursement for doing these things, but you’d never know they had made these sacrifices if it was up to most media outlets to report it!

The problem here isn’t the few that have prejudices that impact their ability to fairly perform their daily jobs, it is that too many of us that feed on local media have forgotten or lost the love in our hearts for our fellow man as a result of the poison pedaled by these media outlets for financial gain (headlines)!

Try this experiment: Turn off CNN or Network News channels for a week and see how you look at the world. If something “earth-shattering” occurs in the world, you can be sure your neighbors or coworkers will let you know about it and The EXAMINER will inform you of it. And shut Facebook and other social media down completely! The friends you have that have a birthday reminder you fail to get a reminder of in the next week will understand. Besides, if you’re a true friend you’ll know about those birthdays anyway!

If you really want to educate yourself, consider a ‘ride-along’ with a local Police Officer and experience first-hand the absolute garbage they deal with EVERY DAY! I guarantee it’ll open your eyes to how fortunate we all are to have them on the job!

I still believe in our Judicial system and the efforts of Local Law Enforcement Internal Affairs departments to address the injustices that do occur! More importantly, I continue to pray for the safety of all Law Enforcement professionals and that they would all do God’s will in their daily work. I would challenge you all to do the same!

Richard Grimes Navasota