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Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I watched the President’s annual State of the Union (SOTU) address the other night with pride and amazement. According to a CBS Poll this morning, it received a 76 percent approval rating from those who watched, and that includes 30 percent among Democrats.

I have to wonder, however, how many school teachers/ professors had their students watch in order to discuss today. Few I would imagine. Recent studies show that 20 percent of the general public cannot identify a picture of Mike Pence or name a Supreme Court Justice. Most don’t know how our government is run, nor what the politicians are promoting. Yet these folks vote and some politicians in Congress now are even proposing legislation to allow 16-year-olds to vote.

Amazing to me how many parents are just too busy in their worlds to pay attention to things that not only affect our current lives but the lives of their children - too busy going to soccer games, cooking supper and taking selfies to watch a vitally important 90-minute speech and just don’t care until they are faced with issues that went amiss in our government. Those in government make and enforce our laws.

This speech was without a doubt the best Trump has ever given. His opponents are having a hard time refuting the long list of accomplishments of things that have transpired in the last two years – yet many in the U.S. do not know what they are or seem to care. Many just listen to main stream media, which acknowledges 95 percent negative news reporting regarding Trump. The speech was positive, very patriotic and should have made anyone listening proud to be an American and live in this country. Political correctness has exceeded its bounds and we need patriotism and civility.

I’m certainly not advocating that everyone gets involved in politics - just pay attention and know what is going on before you vote. Know your candidates and what they stand for, what they have or have not accomplished. Too many just vote like a neighbor tells them to, or how their family votes, or based on what some comedian on TV says! Know the positive and negative of our elected legislators and officials. I can agree to disagree if you know the facts, but far too many do not bother to pay attention to important things that affect us all. Teach our children to understand and appreciate our governing bodies before they are old enough and intelligent enough to vote. Knowledge is power and far too many seem to miss that fact and yet they vote.

We live in the greatest country on earth. Patriotism is a good thing.

Dianna Westmoreland