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Letters to the editor

Dear Publisher,

I am inviting the wonderful citizens of Navasota and Rattler fans everywhere to help NHS win the bi-district championship Friday night. When the Rattlers face the Bridge City Cardinals in Huffman at 7 p.m., we can all play a pivotal role in soundly defeating them. As the football team, we will practice, prepare and do our part, but we need our fans’ help. You can help affect the outcome of the game in four easy steps: Come early! Wear blue and white! Yell Loudly! Pray! Let’s break it down.

Why come early? It is so encouraging to the players and coaches to see our fans in the stands during warm ups ready to do battle with us. We love to see early and eager fans in their seats and ready to participate, especially at an away game. It shows that you are with us.

Why wear blue and white? Those are our team colors.

Why yell loudly? The psychological effect of our passionate fans cheering us on has a definite impact on our team and our opponents. Are you passionate at Rattler football games? Do you go home with your shirt wet with perspiration? Do you have to drink lemon water and pop Ricolas the morning after Navasota games? If not, step up, rise to your feet, clear your throats and LET IT RIP! Cheer when the team takes the field! Cheer when the defense makes a great stop or for a first down! Cheer extra hard on third downs! Cheer when the players and cheerleaders ask you to cheer! If you are coming to the game and quietly spectating, perhaps you should stay at home and eat a TV dinner? If you are a true Rattler fan, come to Huffman and YELL!

Why pray? Because God cares…about everything. While playing football at the University of Texas and serving as a volunteer coach and team Chaplain for my alma mater, Katy High School for seven years, I passionately prayed for victories at every game! I have had many people through the years scoff at my practice of praying for sporting events saying things like, “God doesn’t favor one team over another,” or “God has more important things to do than care who wins football games.” I want to assure you that God cares about every sparrow that falls to the ground and He cares about every Rattler cheering in the stadium. If you belong to Christ, then God is your Heavenly Father and He loves to give His kids good gifts. I can’t guarantee that God will answer your prayers the way you want Him to, but I can guarantee you that He is happy for us to pray about everything that is important to us! If you love God, ask Him to give your Rattlers a bi-district title. He just might do it!

I plan to come early, wear our colors, yell loudly and pray for a championship. Will you?

God bless and Go Rattlers!

Chad McMillan

Navasota Football

Volunteer Team

Chaplain Dear Publisher,

I’ve been a Rattler fan for as long as I can remember! As a little girl, I went to football games with my grandmother, Jo Dyer, cheered for West Hansen on the football field and wanted to be Jill Rohsner when she was crowned Homecoming Queen. I sat in the rock bleachers at Brule Field, ate Neil Bosse’s famous football chili, played in the Rattler Band, twirled flags on the field, helped build the Homecoming Bonfire and basically planned my life around 12 weeks in the fall when I could cheer under “Friday Night Lights!”

After almost 25 years of being away from Navasota, my husband Chad and I moved “home” last summer. I still commute to Houston for work, but my family is all nearby. I have school friends who live in Navasota, one of my dearest high school pals was named the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach last year and I have loved being back in my beloved hometown. Next to Jesus, marrying Chad, and adopting our son, Charlie, moving home to Navasota has been the best decision I’ve ever made! I love Navasota!

And it just so happens that Chad, Charlie and I have started planning our lives around Friday Night Lights again! It has been a joy to be back in the stands to cheer on our boys in blue! I’ve reconnected with so many classmates and community members I haven’t seen in years and have made new friends that I see every week. There is an amazing sense of comradery among the Rattler faithful!

I am so proud of our 2019 District Champions, the Rattler football team! They work so hard, practice relentlessly and are “brick by brick” developing a championship mentality. Chad, who serves as the team’s volunteer chaplain, started having several student leaders of the team each week in our home for dinner and fellowship and these are fine young men! Coach Dacus and his staff are doing an AMAZING job of developing character, discipline and a team mentality. It isn’t easy work and many times, it is criticized and thankless. The scoreboard doesn’t even begin to speak to what is going on behind the scenes and the incredible football program that is being built. The future looks bright in royal blue and white!

I’d love to encourage my fellow Navasotians to travel the short distance to Huffman this Friday night and show a little hometown support for the Rattlers in their first playoff game against the Bridge City Cardinals. Our Rattlers need to see that their hometown supports them. The football team, cheerleaders, band and Diamonettes need to see that the adults in their community support their tremendous efforts, practices, commitment and talent, win-lose or draw! Meet me at the game Friday, Rattler Nation, and let’s show our Rattlers how important they are to us!

Go Big Blue!

Nancy Jane (Otto)


Navasota High School

Class of 1994