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Dear Editor,

On August 11, 2021, I read Bob Roseman’s letter entitled, “Wake up America” detailing the horrors of the current COVID-19 crisis. The Corona, the Delta variant, as well as the child targeting R.S.V. (Respiratory Syncytial Virus), belong in the influenza category of illness.

Roseman urges readers to take patriotic action. I can share history of the illness, and I will show where the disease originated. The word “influenza” entered the English language when the Spanish influenza developed in Spain in 1741. Using the Italian word for “influence,” the new unidentified illness began to be called “influenza.”

Two correlating world events occurred in the 1700’s. As the Industrial Revolution brought rubber factories, mass-produced textiles, and locomotive transportation to the public, the air filled with dangerous, poisonous chemicals, and nauseating, burning sewer dumped into the rivers where these viruses first appeared in Spain.

World War I saw thirty percent of the U.S. population suffer from the influenza epidemic of 19180. Beriberi and Asian influenza, both respiratory viruses, received notoriety in the mid-1900’s as serious illnesses.

In 2019, Canada suffered from pollution from effluent with fumes of hydrogen sulfide, a corrosive and poisonous chemical, caused people to complain of burning eyes, nausea, and dizziness.

The illness of influenza and the industrial revolution began in the 1700’s when the locomotive engine on the railroad first transported goods, news and people from one location to another. As we live with pollution every day of our lives, I pay attention to any flu type symptoms I might have. Through my daily activities and work in years past, I developed a runny nose or sore throat. Many days I’ve taken cough lozenges to prevent further illness. Through my studies, I found that dog ownership showed a decrease of illnesses such as influenza, and I bought a dog. Some years ago, I purchased a product named Mucinex DM with the generic name of dextromethorphan-guaifenesin that quickly cleared up my flu symptoms.

In the recent COVID-19 global shut down, I bought and took immunity products containing Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E to prevent influenza in my life. Roseman discussed a current influenza medication named ivermectin, and I do not support taking ivermectin as it is used as an equine medicine given to horses.

Not only with humans, but also with plants, the current medications provide for a thriving, long-lasting life. For several years, I noticed trees dying and many green plants showed illness. The pollution with the temperature changes lead to deterioration in the quality of the environment. Today, current products such as: Foxfarm’s Bushdoctor Sledge Hammer, Fertilome’s Fish Emulsion Fertilizer, and Medina’s Garrett Juice revitalize trees, shrubs, and other plants to vibrant health.

The influenza, a respiratory virus, may be addressed by some over-the-counter medications available in stores and mail-order nationwide.


Elizabeth Yeates

Bryan, Texas

Dear Editor,

In case you wondered why American flags lined the drive to New Hope Church Thursday, August 19, the Grimes County Republican Women (GCRW)were celebrating their organization’s 10th anniversary! The group is well-known for its efforts to provide and disseminate education and vital information to Grimes County voters in addition to participating in numerous community activities and projects.

I am taking this opportunity to thank all those who worked to make it a successful evening, as well as all who participated in some way. GCRW’s third and current president, Teddi Jackson, deserves credit for proposing the idea; club members readily accepted it and moved forward.

All former program speakers, approximately 100 in 10 years including authors, law enforcement, elected officials from local to federal levels, and others who addressed relevant political issues and current events were special invited guests; those attending were recognized. A humorous and informative talk was presented by the guest speaker, Becky Berger, on the topic of Women’s Role in Politics. She emphatically reiterated, with specific examples, that women continue to play an increasingly important role in today’s political scene!

Next were several special recognitions. Texas State Senator Charles Schwertner sent a Resolution from the Senate acknowledging GCRW’s 10-year history. The Resolution was read by Sherry Fauth, who was also recognized as the Founder of Grimes County Republican Women and the club’s first President. Karen Hale, our second president, was unable to attend. The club’s 12 Charter Members, four of whom attended the celebration, were presented with Certificates. Sadly, four of the original members are deceased. The final presentation was a Commendation given to Grimes County Republican Women by U.S. Representative Kevin Brady.

Congressman Brady was the final speaker of the evening. His message focused on the positive and emphasized “we should never give up on America.” He also thanked the voters of Grimes County for their continued support of the Republican Party and its values.

Once again, thank you for being a part of the Grimes County Republican Women’s 10th Anniversary Celebration; we are proud of our efforts and accomplishments. A special thank you to Planning Committee members Lyn Gardiner, Joan Konecny and ex-officio member Teddi Jackson. I hope I am still around for the 20 year festivities!


Marilyn Bettes

Event Chair