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‘I Quit’

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In a world darkened by negativity those who choose to shine a light of positivity make a huge impact. Rachel B. Foy has taken her positivity to the airwaves with her podcast entitled I Quit.

While on the phone, Rachel’s husband Randy Foy, noticed that the person on the other end of the phone was getting to her. “My whole demeanor changed. I was breathing heavy and mumbling under my breath. He asked me why I let the person I was speaking to get to me? I said I don’t know. Then I blurted out I quit,” explained Foy.

Foy said she decided from that moment on she was going to quit letting people affect her, bring her down and cause her stress.

She was so inspired by the two words I quit that she decided to do a Facebook Live post stating all the things that she quit.

Foy was raised in Palestine and attended Tyler Junior College and later Sam Houston State University. She met her husband during that timeframe while they both worked for TDCJ.

Early in their marriage Foy had an opportunity to “Quit” but she persevered through a dark time in her and her husband’s life.

The Foy’s went through a time that parents shouldn’t have to undergo. They lost their son at three months of age. “When people see Randy and I, they see the joy in our lives, and when they find out what we have been through they can’t believe that we are so happy.”

Foy said at that time in their lives they were exceptionally unhappy. “I tell people you have to choose joy daily. We had to overcome that depression by relying on our faith and realizing that we still had life to live and had to decide to live life happy.

Now the Foy’s have two daughters and Rachel said that now they live life to the fullest. “If they want to go to the park, I make a decision to take them even if I don’t want to. I put my phone down and focus on them.

During her tenure as a teacher Foy realized the impact that words can have. She said while she was teaching math, she would encourage the students to succeed even though its hard at times. She had students return after years to share with her the impact she made on their lives.

She eventually went on to work at Region 6. While their she felt a strong calling to enter the ministry full-time.

Foy said she wrote in her resignation letter that she was adhering to the call of God in her life and was going to go into the ministry full-time as a speaker and pursue nonprofit organizations.

“A lady in human resources said I didn’t think that people still trusted God to go full-time into the ministry.”

Since that time Foy has spoken at numerous venues to multiple people, but she doesn’t call herself an inspirational speaker. “I refer to myself as a transformational speaker. I don’t want you to just get motivated, I want you to be inspired into action.”

Foy’s podcast has been picked up by iHeart Radio and she features guests that have a positive message to share whether it be from youth inspirations such as Anderson-Shiro basketball legend D’Asia White or family members and friends. Her goal is to spread a positive message.

Foy is also anticipating the release of a book expected to release around November of this year entitled “I Quit” .