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Paper shortage causes concern

March 16, 2022 - 00:00
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Supply shortages continue to affect businesses, and the newspaper is the latest industry to be impacted by supply-chain demands.

Granite Media Partners (GMP) Owner Daniel Philhower met with publishers in the group to explain the paper-shortage concern. GMP also owns its own printing press in Taylor Texas which prints The Examiner. He stated a paper delivery truck was delayed but there was enough paper onhand to continue operations.

Examiner Publisher Ana Cosino said significant changes aren’t expected, but the page count may decrease slightly until a new shipment of paper is received. “We will continue providing the same great local coverage despite temporarily decreased page counts,” she explained. “I am working with our managing editor to ensure we are diligent with our content, so we can continue providing local coverage our community can be proud of.”

Cosino said staff appreciates local submissions from the community, but during this time some submissions may be delayed in publishing or may only be shared online.

A shortage of truckers and blockade bottlenecks contribute to the shortage of paper. Those delays are causing anxiety to everyone in the newspaper industry. The Canadian Blockade is a source of the blame since much of the paper used to print newspapers comes from Canada.

Philhower said he has been monitoring the paper supply and demand and has been in contact with several print companies that have paper in stock and are willing to sell some of their inventory.

Paper is being produced and manufacturers have plenty in stock, the continued concern is not enough truck drivers to keep up with delivery demands.

The Examiner may print fewer newspapers until sufficient paper is in-stock, but the newspaper will still be available at all local newsstands within Grimes County.