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Real ID needed to fly in 2020

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On Oct. 1, 2020, adults flying within the United States will need to show a Real ID compliant driver’s license or another acceptable form of identification such as a passport. You will also need to posses the Real ID compliant license to enter a secure federal facility that requires ID.

In 2005 Congress passed the Real ID Act in response to the 9/11 Commission’s recommendation to tighten identification requirements. The act establishes minimum security features and bars federal agencies from accepting identification that doesn’t meet the mandated specifications.

States have been allotted time to implement changes to state-issued ID’s and many residents have already been issued ID’s that are Real ID compliant.

The new requirements feature measures that make counterfeiting more difficult. The Real ID’s have a barcode that can be scanned and uploads information such as the card holders full name, birth date, license number etc.

Everyone ages 18 and over will need to meet the new standards for identification. A Real ID is not available online or through the mail, you must visit the Department of Motor Vehicles office in person.

To obtain a Real ID the following must be provided:

• An original or certified document that proves your identity, such as a passport or birth certificate. Photocopies won’t be accepted.

• A document that shows your Social Security number, such as a W-2 form.

• Two documents that prove your residency, including your street address, such as a utility bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement. You can use photocopies for these.

• If you’ve changed your legal name, you’ll need additional original or certified documents.

• Cash, check or debit card to pay the fee. The cost varies by state, but it’s usually less than $60.

If you are unsure if you currently have a Real ID, check for a star emblem on the top right corner of your ID.