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Use caution in school zones

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School is back in session and schools are tweaking procedures already in place to ensure the safety of students and ease the flow of traffic.

State laws are implemented throughout Texas and Navasota police as well as the Grimes County Sheriff’s office are ensuring those laws are enforced.

When traveling in a school zone the posted speed limit is 20 mph. Always watch out for pedestrians and remember vehicles are required to yield the right of way to pedestrians.

The use of cellphones is strictly prohibited.

Parents that are dropping off students or visiting the school are reminded to park legally. Vehicles must park on the right side of the road with the flow of traffic. It is also important to note vehicles are not allowed to park in a fire zone, within 15 feet of a fire hydrant, 20 feet of an intersection or 30 feet from a stop sign.

Although many have done it, officers are cracking down on vehicles that stop in the middle of a roadway to drop off students.

When making a turn, a signal must be used 100 feet before making that turn. The city of Navasota also has an ordinance in place that doesn’t allow left turns near John C. Webb Elementary. Turning left from Neal Street into Webb and turning left onto Neal Street when exiting Webb is not permitted.

Parents need to ensure passengers as well as themselves remain buckled in a safety restraint until the vehicle comes to a complete stop and the vehicle is ready to be unloaded. When picking up students, parents must ensure they are buckled in before driving away.

Whenever traffic cops are present follow the directions of the officers.

Some school principals have also implemented procedures for drop-off and pickup lines to ensure student safety and ease traffic.

John C. Webb


The car-rider line has been reduced from two lanes to a single lane. Vehicles must also clearly display car-rider tag that is provided by the school.

Tags display the name of the student(s) being picked up and their grade-level. Families may request as many tags as necessary for multiple vehicles. Vehicles not displaying a tag will have to show identification and will be cross-checked with the parent-approved pickup list.

Vehicles are also urged to follow staff member directives when entering the car-rider line. Parents should pull up to the numbered spot they have been directed to where their child will be helped into the vehicle by a staff member.

Navasota Junior High

Ongoing construction has provided changes to the junior high and changes are occurring daily. Parents are permitted to enter the junior high drop-off and pickup line from Texas State Highway 90, drop off or pickup students and exit back onto Highway 90.

Vehicles needing to park are required to do so in a designated parking space. Vehicles are also not permitted to drop students off behind the school. Follow the directions of officers and faculty when on campus.

Avoid construction areas that are clearly marked.

Important reminder

For the safety of all students and faculty, anyone visiting any campus must register at the office.