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Would you like to volunteer?

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Have you ever thought about serving on a board? Do parks fascinate you? Navasota City Manager Brad Stafford explains how you can volunteer to serve on the Navasota Parks and Recreation Board and what those duties entail in the latest edition of Grilling Stafford.

Stafford also discusses an array of topics including new rental regulations at the Navasota Center with The Examiner Publisher Ana Cosino and Willy 98.7 Radio Personality Kenny Graves.

Highlights from Grilling Stafford – Episode 13 With Governor Abbott’s pause on reopening Texas, are there any plans to close any offices in Navasota? “Right now, we don’t have any plans to close. I know Governor Greg Abbott is trying to stay on top of that and he has done a pretty good job making sure it is left up to local jurisdictions. Right now, I don’t see a reason yet in city hall. Most everyone here has taken precautions, talking about our customers coming in. We don’t have a lot of customers coming in at one time, so I think we’ll be okay.” Who currently serves

Who currently serves on the Navasota Parks and Recreation Board? “Our parks board is actually in need of volunteers. We’ve needed volunteers for quite some time. We only have two people that have volunteered. Elizabeth Corpus and Phyllis Robinson are the only two actual members to date. There are several slots open and if anybody wants to volunteer to be a part of that parks board they can contact Katherine in my office at 936-825-6475 and she can give them some information. They can also go on our city website where they can find information as well as an application to submit. So, if you’re interested in parks and want to see some things happen we would sure like to see you volunteer.”

What does their role entail? “They are an advisory board to the city manager and the city council for the operations of parks and what things we do. They also assist us with how we spend the voluntary park fund money that everybody has on their bill. So, there are multiple things they can be a part of but it’s mainly an advisory board. That’s their main role.”

Are there plans for a road between SH 90 and SH 105 E. on the east side of town past the high school? Is this a TxDOT project? “It’s hard to say plans. There is a thought that there would be a roadway built sometime in the future to alleviate some traffic especially with school traffic. But it would also free up some of our traffi c fl ow that’s intercity to prevent people from having to get on highway 6. It’s a thought. It’s something that is in our transportation plan. It is something we have met with TxDOT about. Our hope is that it would be a TxDOT project at some point. With 249 coming in at Highway 105, that is going to add traffic and we think if we could get that relief road through there it would really help with our school traffi c especially.”

Will you describe the new 50% capacity on rentals at the Navasota Center that was approved in the special city council meeting Monday, June 29? “With the latest Executive Order from Governor Abbott and the concerns of what he’s calling a spike in our COVID cases, we went back to the 50% rule for rentals at the Navasota Center. So that means the capacity of each room is basically reduced by 50%. A new episode of Grill

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