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Focus on America

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    Liberal Logic

Liberal Logic

If Stormy Daniels was worth $130 thousand to Trump, then Barr was worth $130 million. Condensing a 448-page document into a four-page, large print “letter” within 48 hours was quite an accomplishment. My English teacher wouldn’t accept me turning in a book report so short.

Each side has been covering the “redacted” Mueller report differently. Democrats find the briefness and vague wording of it unacceptable. Subpoenas are flying (or will be), along with Trump’s unhinged delusional tweets and it’ll continue for months. I want to know where they get these so called “experts” that they have on cable news shows. “A former white official”, “a source close to the White House” (or just a plain “source”,) a “person familiar with the discussions”, “a person close to the investigation”, legal analysts and so on. (Is not this a good time to say I never said there was conclusion nor ever mentioned the word impeachment in this column?)

There’s nothing more I can write because people have already made up their minds a long time ago. At least CNN took a break and covered the fire that ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral. Meanwhile Fox News was letting us all know that “Cher” agrees with Trump and supports his border wall.

Trump’s base will never leave him no matter what. They’ll stand by him if he bites their puppy’s head off right in front of them. They’ll support him if he drops a “real” bomb on them. You have to give him credit though, he did muster up a cheerleading squad, they’re on the sidelines now, but if he’s found guilty, they’ll consider it part of the “witch hunt” and it’ll compel the “deplorables” to come stomping back to the polls to vote him in again.

The only thing that’ll change is Washington’s version of the Sopranos. Tony will find out who the “rats” are who told the truth and there’ll be a slew of resignations.

We’d been punching at each other for so long will either side accept the results and move on? Congress has lost the ability to govern and legislate; we’ve become a country of investigations. Right now, there’s only one thing congress is equipped to handle – donations from lobbyists.

But it’s not just congress that’s the problem. The rampant dumbing up of America is also one. Just look at how many Americans, when asked questions that a high-schooler would be able to answer fail. Reality escapism is at its highest point in history. People know more about celebrities, their sports heroes, YouTube and Facebook crap than they know about how their government works. We need to know about the next big economic debacle that’s about to happen (see previous column). And of course, you can count on those mentioned above to be pointing their blaming fingers outward, instead of turning them inward.

The American people need to be more focused on the economy, the monstrous federal budget deficit, jobs, wage issues, education costs, and the rising cost of living. Both parties need to work to solve these concerns. People shouldn’t be concerned about the Mueller report. After all, we all knew Trump was a crook and a sociopathic liar the day he took office, so what’s new? He’ll be gone by 2020 but it’ll take years to undo the damage. Today we need to focus on America.

Does anyone remember that song by the Texas Rock band, “The Fabulous Thunderbirds?” - “Wrap it up I’ll take it”- That’s what I’m singing – but the mantra “Free at last, free at last” doesn’t apply here. There’s more to come.

Steven Seymour is a Vietnam veteran who lives in Navasota and writes a bi-weekly opinion column. The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of The Examiner.