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Getting High and Feeling Fine

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A good portion of my past weekend was spent getting high. Now, calm down I say to all ye social media pundits before you go demanding that I give up my well-paid position here at the Navasota Examiner for using illicit drugs. No, I was not high as in stoned or drunk. I was, in fact, high up in the air on my roof.

This was my first venture onto the roof since I did some prep work for the upcoming hurricane season. What a bust that was. The entire summer has gone by without much by way of bad weather. Looking back to May, the NOAA forecast had predicted that the 2022 hurricane season would have a likely range of 14 to 21 named storms. So far, we have had six. And the region’s drought continues. Way to go, NOAA. Perhaps incorporating a groundhog might help to improve your accuracy rate!

With Summer about to end, it’s time for the Fall prep. Time once again to climb up those ladders and clean the roofs and gutters.

Speaking of a fall prep, traipsing across the roof should be undertaken with care. Working up on a roof is no laughing matter and falling off a roof or ladder can be serious business. My cousin was helping at his church out in the country, clearing some branches that threatened the roof line. He took a bad tumble that knocked him out for an hour. Upon waking, he had broken ribs and punctured a lung. With no one around, he dragged himself to his truck and drove himself to the hospital.

And then there is my friend Dan from New Ulm, a former employer of mine and a fellow Lions Club member. Dan was working on his roof and lost his footing. He passed away three days later from his injuries. Let these stories serve as a reminder that working on a roof should be done with preparation and caution.

Aside from hazards stemming from walking and working on a roof, the ladder is also a risk factor. There are many videos out there on YouTube documenting the missteps and miscalculations performed on ladders. So, use caution during your climbs.

That said, once I was up on the roof, I enjoyed the change of perspective and seeing the world from that vantage point. I spent time checking out the scenery, looking off into the distance. Seeing the treetops from above them and having the sky be that much closer.Add to that the smell of the pines in the heat and the sounds of nature as the soundtrack. It really makes for a special experience. Surely, no drug-induced high can be better than that!

Speaking of getting high, I tried to light a joint once. I caught my elbow on fire.

The column represents the thoughts and opinions of Johnny McNally. Opinion columns are NOT the opinion of the Navasota Examiner. Johnny McNally is Grimes County’s Best Dressed Businessman advocating for Grimes County and writes a bi-weekly column for the Navasota Examiner.