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I’m the one who’s Senile

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Liberal Logic

That’s a title that a lot of people will agree on! What are two words that describe top democratic candidates Senator Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris? The answer is “Ghost Busters,” and they’re shooting green slime at the phantom of the old Democratic Party that the new left is being haunted by. That ghost is Joe Biden, the man I called senile. I regret using that word to describe him.

While there’ve already been gaffes and senior moments, like a recent one “we choose truth over facts’ (he meant to say over fiction’) and while we can expect more to come, he continues to be the frontrunner of the football team of candidates. The new left is beating up each other with their versions how to fine tune health care and are criticizing the president. Too bad that president is Barack Obama. Joe’s platform is simple, “Beat Donald Trump.” And his version of health care is simple and old school. “If the 160 million who have it say they like their employer insurance, they should have a right to have it, if they don’t, they can buy into the Biden plan, which is “Obamacare”.” “Obamacare”? Never heard of it.

Joe’s wife gave a rather tepid endorsement at a campaign rally saying that while other Democratic presidential contenders “might be better on the issues” he [Biden] has the best chance to beat Donald Trump. She said “your candidate might be better on, I don’t know, say, health care than Joe is, but you’ve got to look at who’s going to win this election,” Jill Biden continued “and maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say “OK, I personally like so and so better’, but your bottom line has to be is that we have to beat Trump.” Sounds like the 2016 election where a lot of people voted for what they thought were the lesser of two evils.

I’m not saying he’ll win or even be nominated. I’m just saying that I was senile to call Joe Biden senile.

Steven Seymour is a Vietnam veteran who lives in Navasota and writes a bi-weekly opinion column. The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of The Examiner.