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Join a local veterans’ organization

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Greetings to my fellow veterans and all others who may read my occasional columns. I am sure that you have noticed I have not written much lately. I have been asked why by a few people here lately, so I will be short in my answer. Congress has been too busy with other things and there really has been no news about helping vets. No news from Congress or the Veterans’ Affairs, no column from yours truly.

Now, with all that being said, I am writing this column about veterans’ benefits from a different angle. I am a member of three different veteran organizations. I am a member of a small group called Korean War Veterans of America out of Houston. Because of the distance, I have not been active in this organization for several years. I am also an active member of American Legion Post 640 in Anderson, and Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 4006 in Navasota. Now, I am going to try to tie all this together.

I will be right up front with this. I am trying to increase the number of members in these two organizations. Why? Because when it comes time for the representatives of these two organizations to put pressure on Congress to do something beneficial for veterans, the number of voters weighs big. You know what I mean. If a group of some, say 50,000 were to ask Congress to help them and a group of 2 million were to ask Congress to not help the other group, which group would Congress be more likely to listen to? Right. The group with the most number of voters will get their attention. And so, the gist of this column is to get all you vets out there to join either the American Legion, or the VFW, or both if you qualify.

I know for a fact that there are a lot of veterans in the area that do not belong to either of these great organizations and I cannot figure out why. If you have a legitimate answer, call me. If not, get yourself to one or both of these organizations and sign up. They are not asking you to make a career of joining, but a couple of hours a month helping out would be beneficial to all. And beside all that, there is the old military connection. Very seldom do the members talk about their experiences, except for the fun parts. Things like R & R and Navy folks with stops in different ports.

So, beginning the day after this column is printed, I expect to hear the VFW phone ringing and one after another leaving a message with their name and phone number. The number is 936-825-3666. Since the Legion does not presently have a home of their own, use the VFW number, but specify that the info is for the American Legion or the VFW. Either way, someone will get back with you real soon. Let’s get all of our vet friends and join up and help all of us.

Thanks for listening to my rant and thank you for your service. May God see fit to continue blessing Texas and the USA.

Carl Dry is a Korean War veteran, a former Grimes County Veterans Service Officer and the current VFW Post 4006 Commander.