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Missing the Christmas spirit

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I miss Christmas. As of this writing we were right in the heart of the Christmas season just three months ago. It was Christmas Eve, actually. Ahhh, those were some good times. I was very happily enveloped in all of it; the good tidings, the good cheer, the peace on earth.

I enjoyed all of the other stuff too; the kids, the gifts, the wrapping, the tree, the travelling, but overall the food! The season is commercialized, I know, but it’s my favorite time of year. Christmas music especially, brings me such joy and I honestly feel closer to God with every song, hymn or anthem every time I hear them.

So, peace on earth, good tidings and good cheer; where have they gone? Christmas 2019 was only 90 days ago, but it seems like 90 years ago or maybe as if it were in a different time on a different planet. But even with all that is going on shouldn’t we still remember the “reason for the season?” Shouldn’t we be generous and not selfish? Shouldn’t we still savor the joy of giving? The good of all of us is still out there.

I heard a sermon in church many years ago and it still speaks to me. As it goes, a pastor pays a visit to an older lady and notices a single Christmas ornament on her mantle, right in the middle of her grandchildren’s pictures. The pastor asked about it and the lady said that along with the blessings of her grandchildren, she uses the ornament as a reminder to continue to bless others with the spirit of Christmas year-round. Sometimes it’s the small things that bring us back on track.

I think we all need to tap into the essence of the Christmas spirit right now. You know all the songs, how you felt back then, the caring and sharing spirit, or some quarantine spirit right now? Jingle Bells, anyone?

Alan Shoalmire is a resident in Grimes County and the owner of Grill Sergeant.