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Veterans Day, the forgotten holiday

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What is it Veterans Day and why is it not as recognized as some of the other National holidays?  Schools don’t close for this one, but most schools do put on programs recognizing veterans, which is commendable. 


Very few businesses close for this day, so therefore, we veterans have to plan our celebrations for the closest weekend in order to get more people to participate. As a veteran, I don’t understand a lot of this. 


We, as veterans, sign on the dotted line to defend our nation and do so without question and in return places like schools, some businesses and Government offices don’t take the day off to learn about what and who veterans are or what sacrifices they have made. I guess I am feeling sorry for myself or being self-absorbed, but to me there is no wonder there are about 22 veterans a day who commit suicide. This is probably not because Veterans Day is not more celebrated, but because they often times feel that their sacrifices are not appreciated. 


To those of you who are veterans or have veterans in your family, you probably understand where I am coming from. Others? I don’t know. And this writers’ rant probably won’t be read by any of those without veterans in their families, but hopefully those who do read this will have a better understanding of who we are.


We do not want people bowing down to us. We only ask a bit more recognition for the job that we did in defending our freedoms. If I am out of line or asking too much, please take the time to write a letter to the editor and let people know your side of the story. I know some eating establishments have free meals for veterans on Veterans Day, and that too is appreciated, but come on folks, keeping offices etc. open on Veterans Day and asking veterans to work on that day? I’m sorry, but I just don’t get it.


If I have hurt some feelings and stepped on some toes, well, so be it. I feel better and I hope some of you readers do also. Until next time, if there is one, I wish to thank all veterans for their sacrifices for our great country and thank their families for their support. May God bless Texas, and may God bless the USA!


Carl Dry is a Korean War veteran, a former Grimes County Veterans Service Officer and former VFW Post 4006 Commander.