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We must continue to rattle

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Back before the Christmas holidays, a former coaching friend of mine, who was from the Brazos Valley area, called me up and the first thing he said was, “What’s all that ‘Rattling’ I’m hearing about in Navasota?” After a short pause, I replied, “What are you talking about?” Then he shared that he had been hearing and seeing some great stories about all of the programs, facilities, and the great things going on both at Navasota ISD and in the town of Navasota!

That’s when I said, “Absolutely! You need to come see for yourself!” Not only does Navasota ISD have some great facilities, programs, and activities to be proud of, but the improvements and growth throughout the City of Navasota, the downtown area, and the community are something to see and check out, as well!

With New Year’s and the start of 2022 and the start of the new semester, I could not be more excited about not only what is going on, but even more importantly, what the future looks like and what opportunities we will have to get excited about! Following my friend’s question about the “Rattling” in Navasota, I was reminded of that this week as we start back to school for the Spring Semester and starting 2022 off on the right foot.

There’s a great book that I like to read. And one of the sections in that book was written by a guy named Ezekiel. In the 37th chapter of Ezekiel’s part of the book, he writes about a dream of seeing a valley of dry bones. Those old, dry bones weren’t much to look at because they had no breath of life, no spirit, no hope. But something happened. Something changed. And Ezekiel knew that something was happening because he could hear it. He began to hear those bones “Rattle”!

Once that breath of life and that spirit of hope returned to bring those bones together, they began to “Rattle” louder and like never before.

That message made me think about the hope and excitement that 2022 brings. Normally, we would say that 2022 is a great year to be a Rattler. And it is! And it will be! But I think there is even more excitement than that. I truly believe that 2022 is a great year to “Rattle” proudly about the excitement, the opportunities, the hope, and the spirit of the Navasota community! And to “Rattle” louder than ever before!

Let me hear you “Rattle”!!!

Because when we come together, we can be better and louder than ever before!


And we are ALL IN this TOGETHER!!!

Dr. Stu Musick is the Superintendent of Schools for Navasota Independent School District.