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Words of advice for Democrats – Part 2

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Continuation from “Words of advice for Democrats” that appeared in the Aug. 26, edition of The Examiner.

4. We’ve kind of noticed that the Black Lives Matter movement doesn’t seem to extend to Black police officers bleeding and dying on the sidewalk in Minneapolis or any of the Black lives that are taken every weekend in Chicago. That bothers many of us, especially the deaths of the children. Most of us agree that Black lives matter just as much as any other life, but when city leaders allow children and policemen to be assaulted with everything from guns to bricks to balloons filled with poop, we kinda, sorta, begin to believe this is just a political slogan to get power. Can you hear the feet of the soccer moms running to vote for a law and order president, even one they don’t like much? I can.

5. Finally, we have to be honest. Bill Clinton lecturing Donald Trump about decorum in the White House does not play too well with voters. Neither do the lectures of Cuomo telling us about how wonderfully he handled the coronavirus in New York City. Do you honestly believe we are unable to think for ourselves? It almost seems as if you think we are children and we will believe every word that comes out of your mouth, truthful or not. We have eyes, ears and brains. We think; therefore, we vote!

You are playing a dangerous game, and you may well have 12 long, long years of Donald Trump and Mike Pence because of your inability to field candidates on a sustainable political platform. Last suggestion: somewhere in this great country there are several candidates who truly love our country. They don’t have to be perfect, they don’t have to be white, and they don’t have to be male. They should be honest, and they should stand for something sensible that most of the American people want. We are tired of dumb agendas that we see right through like allowing millions of immigrants into an already crowded country for the sake of garnering a submissive electorate. We are also tired of proclamations that no one can go vote so we’ll need millions of ballots that can be fraudulently cast and manipulated to swing the election.

Go find candidates who can capture the respect of your electorate. Then, run honest, competitive races based on innovative and morally sound decisions about the future of our country. You’ve got your work cut out for you and you’re wasting your time and playing right into the hand of your enemies when you blame everything on Donald Trump, who, quite frankly, I voted for once and will vote for again. I don’t think he’s a statesman, but he’s done a surprisingly good job and I will take him over your choices any day of the week. This brings us back to the discussion we had in my son’s living room in which we all agreed on one thing. If the Democrats cannot field a candidate that can beat Donald John Trump in the middle of a pandemic, that’s just sad. They would be in a much better political position to quit whining about how terrible Trump is and reorganize and rethink their agenda.

Does anyone else remember the good old days when politicians referred to each other as “my esteemed colleague”? When did we get so mean and vindictive? What happened to respecting an opposing opinion? What happened to respecting diverse opinions? When did we start standing outside of people’s homes with personal attacks and cursing? We all know the answer. It got ugly when politics became about amassing power and fortunes and not about implementing the best agenda for our country.

Is anyone else ready for legislation that imposes a hefty fine for any person verbally attacking leadership of either side in the media or in person?

Paula Whiteley is a retired teacher that taught elementary school in Texas for 33 years and also taught in Japan and Mexico. The opinions expressed by the author do not necessarily reflect the opinions and viewpoints of The Examiner.