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Letters to the editor

August 17, 2022 - 00:00

A response to Johnny McNally's 'The New WMU: The Same Old Snafu'

Dear Editor,

McNally’s recent article, “The New WMU: The Same Old Snafu,” summarizes a philosophy that is becoming increasingly prevalent in this country today. However, it does not reflect the ideology of the majority of people in the community where he chooses to work and live. Johnny has a right to his opinion, as do I, and I am compelled to respond.

McNally begins by attacking “The White Man’s Union,” an organization that existed here in the last century and attempted to take the right to vote away from an entire ethnic sector of American citizens. It was condemned and justly so. I don’t think a person here or anywhere would support such an organization today.

However, Johnny then moves on to say that those who hold conservative values are operating under the same spirit of white supremacy as the “White Man’s Union,” and to this I must respond. Political conservatives in our county include Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Anglos and other ethnicities. By his comments, Johnny has vilified all conservatives, regardless of “color,” by labeling us as white supremacists.

He ties the “White Man’s Union” to conservative positions on what he calls “women’s health issues”. He contends that “women’s rights” are determined by racist white men. Again, this is inaccurate. Conservative men and women of all colors of skin have determined what is and is not a protected “women’s health issue” according to their own community standards. His position is disingenuous and is not supported by facts.

He criticizes conservatives for wanting our country to have secure borders that are controlled in an orderly fashion. Conservatives believe that a nation without borders is no longer a nation; how could introducing a mass migration of foreigners into an already overburdened system possibly end well? Don’t call us evil simply because we desire to fix our own problems before taking on those of others. Again, Johnny labels an entire group, which comes in every color of the rainbow as “hateful” and “bigoted.” Furthermore, he seems at one point to apologize for being “white.” Johnny, God made one race, the human race, and it comes in all shades of tan. NO ONE SHOULD EVER HAVE TO APOLOGIZE FOR THE COLOR OR ETHNICITY THAT GOD MADE THEM. It is understandable that Leftists long for a utopia, but to believe it can be achieved by cancelling “crazy right-wingers,” or anyone who does not walk lock-step with them, is just wrong. Johnny, you should be grateful to God that you live in a community where you have the freedom to write an opinion that labels approximately 75% of the people in Grimes County as “the bad guys” without you yourself being cancelled. Conservatives uphold your right to free speech. Do you uphold ours?

Grimes County is an incredible place, not IN SPITE OF, but BECAUSE OF its conservatism. Police are respected here. Laws are upheld here. Business is good here. The relationships among our ethnicities are wonderfully refreshing and supportive, a model that the rest of the country would do well to emulate. There is already enough division in this country. We do not want it in Grimes County. By Faber F. McMullen III, Attorney at Law (retired) Whitehall Community/ Grimes County