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Letters to the editor

April 19, 2023 - 00:00

To the Citizens of Grimes County,

On occasion I will receive a letter addressed to, “County Judge”, or sometimes “Judge Fauth – County Judge.” Either or is fine with me.

These letters are generally regarding things that someone wants me to know and usually something that needs to be taken care of by someone. Sometimes I am that someone and sometimes I am not. If I am not the best person to address the information received, I do pass info on to those that I think can best help solve the problem or help resolve the issue. 

Not all letters are anonymous, but most seem to be with the sender not identified.There is where lies the problem. 

More often than not, I would really like to get additional data from the sender to make sure I am addressing/solving the issue they have sent my direction. If I cannot resolve the issue or if the solution might take a while, I would also like to be able to advise the sender, “I no can do or this is the time table for your relief.”

My final thought for today is, “I would prefer the informer to be identified, but I would rather get the request anonymously than not get the information at all.”

My contact info is, 270 Hwy 149 W, Anderson, Texas, 77830 or email me at    


Judge Joe Fauth

Grimes County