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Health Point Clinic tabled

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Navasota Independent School District Board members tabled a potential agreement to bring a HealthPoint clinic on-campus during the monthly board meeting Monday, June 20.

Derek Bowman, NISD Director of Personnel and Administrative Services, stated he spoke with the school’s legal counsel about the proposed HealthPoint clinic. Bowman said NISD’s attorney said the HealthPoint contract looked good and he believes the program would be beneficial to NISD, however state legislators have put a lot of hoops in-place to jump through before the district can partner with a health care provider in this manner.

According to the attorney NISD needs to address

• FFA Legal and FFAE Legal Policies;

• School board must host a public hearing to address and discuss items such as a complete list of healthcare that would be provided, whether federal law requires or permits any healthcare service provided to be held confidential from parents, whether the child’s medical records will be accessible by the parent, information concerning grants that will be used, titles of any person that will have access to the medical records of students and any measures that will be used to protect the privacy of students. Then there would need to be a public vote by the board;

• HealthPoint would need to answer questions and give information at the public hearing to ensure NISD follows the procedures as well.

• A consent form would need to be generated for parents to sign.

“Tonight, I don’t believe we are in a position to vote on this,” explained Bowman. “I think it is probably something we need to hold off on.” According to Bowman, currently the district is not liable for HIPPA violations, but if the clinic is open, the district could become liable for violation of privacy laws and would have to follow those guidelines.


School Health Advisory Council members explored new sexual education curriculum for Navasota Junior High Students. They heard presentations about multiple curriculums and two public meetings, one online and one in-person, were held.

Bowman, who serves as the SHAC leader, said the current curriculum had to be re-evaluated to ensure it meets TEKS guidelines because of new mandates handed down by legislators.

Since the early 2000s, Bowman said NJH has used the Baylor Scott & White curriculum, “Worth the Wait.” The curriculum is taught to sixth and seventh grade science students and eighth grade health students.

The SHAC recommendation was to continue with BSW and implement “Use of the Living Well Aware: My Choices, My-Life-The Guide to Adolescent Wellness” curriculum. “The SHAC committee likes that it is an abstinence-based program,” said Bowman. He said the curriculum focuses on overall health not just human sexuality and includes mental health and food. The board voted unanimously to approve the curriculum.

The board also approved the annual SHAC report that requires the committee to host four meetings annually. Bowmen stated meeting agendas and minutes are posted online.

International Trip

The board voted unanimously to approve an international traveling proposal that was first presented in the May board meeting.

With the approval, students and faculty are allowed to potentially go on an international educational trip. NISD Superintendent Dr. Stu Musick stated the trip is not school related and is not sponsored by any NISD organization. Board member Jennifer Ramirez asked why it required board action. Musick explained since it is a NISD employee coordinating the trip and NISD students attending the trip, it requires board approval.

TASB Board Nominations

The board unanimously approved Amy Jarvis to continue representing NISD as a TASB delegate. The board took no action on nominating to serve on one of the vacant positions on the TASB board. They also took no action on a TASB resolution.

The next NISD school board meeting is scheduled for July 18, at 6:30 p.m. in the NISD Administration Building Board Room.