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Bring back the dudes!

January 25, 2023 - 00:00
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Recently, I watched an Epoch TV “Crossroads” interview with politically Independent, conservative talk show host, Steve Deace, entitled “Weak Men are Destroying America and How You Stop It.”

I was immediately reminded of a meme I saw last year. It was a picture of a leather jacket clad James Dean on a motorcycle juxtaposed against a guy in a formfitting business suit with his “murse,” presumably riding his scooter to work. The photo caption read: Will someone explain to me what went wrong?

I took the latter for your classic metrosexual, and for those not familiar with the term, it’s an “urban heterosexual male given to enhancing his personal appearance by fastidious grooming, beauty treatments and fashionable clothes.”

I’m not advocating for a return of the Hell’s Angels or gang mentality and there is a LOT to be said about the value of a shower when intimacy is involved! I do applaud the meme’s message and Deace’s intent to sound the alarm that we have a masculinity crisis in America. I personally believe, whether other women want to admit it or not, if the men lose, we all lose.

What I call the wussification of the American male started in the 60s and 70s, and I probably unwittingly participated. There is a difference between teaching your son how to have compassion and rewiring his mind to think as a woman. I also remember being disappointed that my husband didn’t respond to me the way the soap opera lotharios did – they listened when the soap divas talked! The male characters even had deep conversations with each other about relationships. Surely this was the way a man was supposed to act and what was wrong with mine that he didn’t? As I got older, wiser and savvy to the social reengineering, I realized there wasn’t a dang thing wrong with my husband – he was actually the real man, the real deal!

Deace, born to an unmarried 14-year old who almost aborted him, described himself as a product of that post-sexual revolution which brought on the breakdown of the traditional family. It was the traditional family which served as the “supply chain” for passing the lesson on to men that their job is to serve and protect their families.

Deace charges that American men haven’t been mentored into their masculine purpose and mission, lack the confidence which goes along with it, and are afraid to stand up for what’s right for fear of being canceled or ostracized on social media.

He pointed to the maligning of Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, men who aren’t afraid to speak their mind - a trait which previously was the norm but today is considered incredibly courageous.

Deace challenged men to stand up and hold people accountable, and reminded that the West was built by men, religious or not, who didn’t like BS, who understood that if you weren’t first, you were last.

He said, “They all had something in common. They were dudes! We need the dudes!” The column represents the thoughts and opinions of Connie Clements. Opinion columns are NOT the opinion of the Navasota Examiner.

Clements is a freelance reporter for the Navasota Examiner and an award-winning columnist.