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No reindeer in this grandma, train story

December 21, 2022 - 00:00
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I’ve commented in previous columns that my life hasn’t turned out like I anticipated. In my younger years as a working grandmother, I think I did a pretty good job of juggling work with grandmother-hood. I used my vacation time to have the grandkids with us for the Bedias Baptist Church Vacation Bible School. We made other memories feeding cows and squirrels, baking, sewing, riding with Pawpaw on his tractor or riding around the pasture in his utility cart. This Houston transplant fully expected to spend her golden years in Bedias, quilting until she died.

It bothers me how little I see of my grandchildren these days. Part of that can be attributed to distance and their activities but the rest is due to my newspaper writing and my own volunteer commitments. Sometimes I don’t think my children or grandchildren really understand what I do or how important the Navasota Examiner is to me in filling the void my husband left when he died. Well, I didn’t think they understood until I received a very special Christmas present! 

Barrett and Graham are 11-year-old twins, the youngest of my 10 grandchildren, and I’ve always called them and their two older brothers my ‘free-range grandsons.’ The twins have been writing and illustrating their own comic book style adventure stories for about five years now. Their hero extraordinaire is Captain Garrett and his arch rival is Dr. Breakbone. Their stories turn out like they should – Captain Garrett always wins!

I had Christmas with this branch of my family tree last weekend and Barrett and Graham surprised me with a new storyline – in this one, you could say I was the hero! 

It starts out with a drawing of ‘Downtown Navasota’ and the villainous Mr. Krupp (corrupt) who is about to set in motion his plan to build the dastardly train. For newcomers to the area, they’re referring to the bullet train that would cut Grimes County in half! 

Mr. Krupp’s weaselly little minion asks, “What about that reporter?” (That would be me!) To which the fedora wearing, mustached Mr. Krupp replies, “She’ll be dealt with!”

Bob Goldstein, Gentleman Friend, is also featured in this adventure. He cries, “It runs through people’s property!” The defiant reporter (me!) holds up her notepad and pencil and exclaims “I’ll write an article!” The next frame shows people intently reading Connie’s Corner.

From there, we go to the stately looking courthouse where the judge bangs his gavel for order. The fate of the train is sealed when the jury declares, “The train will not be built!” 

Not taking defeat lightly, the next frame shows Mr. Krupp and his evil henchman blowing up the courthouse with a remote-control detonator but the reporter and her gentleman friend stop them from escaping. The reporter with arms crossed and her Gentleman Friend with hands on his hips watch as justice is served once again. Mr. Krupp and his partner in crime are hauled off to jail, trading their suits for stripes, and instead of the typical “The End,” it simply says, “We love you Meema.”

What my grandsons gave me is truly priceless. It’s also a reminder that there are all kinds of grandmothers and you’re never too old to be the hero in someone else’s story!




The column represents the thoughts and opinions of Connie Clements. Opinion columns are NOT the opinion of the Navasota Examiner. 

Clements is a freelance reporter for the Navasota Examiner and an award-winning columnist.