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System overload, not crashed

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    Johnny’s Issues

Johnny’s Issues

I consider my brain as the ultimate server that is filled with apps, photos and videos. But lately my internal CPU has been a little undependable. I can feel it running slower than it used to, and its memory seems to be close to capacity. It could be time for an overhaul to my mainframe.

My most-used internal apps, I will call them “IA’s”, have been facial recognition and voice recognition. I can still rely on the voice recognition. At a conference recently, I heard a woman speaking and immediately knew the voice. It was someone with whom I worked back in 1981. I recognized the timbre in her voice, and the way she spoke which always sounded like she had a handful of marbles in her mouth. It was unmistakable even nearly forty years later. So, yes, my voice recognition IA is still functioning well.

Looking at her, she looked familiar. But without the voice, I’d have never placed her. So, that makes me think my facial recognition software needs an update. I experience that malfunction frequently, and it’s not just from faces of two-score ago. “Never forget a face?” Hah!

Then what was her name? Where was my real-time memory recall? Wait. Was it Shelley? As I got closer, a look at the name tag confirmed it. Not bad for so many years. It all came back in a hurry. Shelley, had a husband. And had a kid. Used to like Def Leppard... secondary memory function – check!

Some of my other IA’s are also working fine. My anti-virus, or malware, has been keeping me “bug-free” for years – for the most part anyway. My archive is apparently still working and the information is still retrievable. Autoresponder is still good (e.g., “I’m fine, how are you?”).

Until I visit a doctor who can defrag me, I will just have to compensate. So, if we meet and you notice my eyes are closed as I’m listening to your voice, I’m just scrolling through the windows of my mind and trying to recall a screenshot from the past. Wow, this is getting deep and I could sure use some computer chips and dip.