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July 26, 2019 - 08:00


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Regardless of whether there is or is not a funeral and regardless of the kind of disposition to be made, the deceased’s body generally is placed in some form of rigid “receptacle.” This is essential if the body is to be present during the period of the funeral and/or for transportation of the body to the place of the funeral service or to the place of disposition. Most times this receptacle is a casket make of wood, metal or machine made materials such as fiberglass.

Many cemeteries require that the receptacle for the body be placed in an “outer enclosure” for earth burial. Such enclosures prevent the ground from caving in. Two piece enclosures, called burial vaults, are the most common. They are made of concrete, steel, fiberglass, stainless steel or copper. There are also six piece enclosures known as sectional concrete units. There are also wooden boxes, although a wooden box usually will not meet the requirement of cemeteries which specify an outside enclosure.