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Letter to the editor

May 24, 2023 - 00:00

NCU – a huge hit 

Dear Editor, 

My husband and I were enrolled in the City of Navasota's Citizens University (NCU). This eight-week class showcased each department and their staff in detail. We even had some very fun field trips throughout the weeks. It was fun meeting new community members that were enrolled as well. 

I have always respected and appreciated the services our city provides, but these past few weeks opened my eyes to even more of what their jobs entail on a daily basis, and I have gained a ton more respect and admiration for the jobs they do. 

I appreciate each worker for the City of Navasota. I feel Jason Weeks has done a great job leading his team of departments. Each worker plays an important key role and is needed to make sure our community runs smoothly. So many of these men and women work endlessly behind the scenes and aren't recognized for what they do. I would like to commend each one. 

A special shout out to our Firefighters and Police Department! You men and women save lives and do jobs most of us thankfully don't have to. You are at our beckon call whenever needed 24/7 and in a growing town overworked at times. We are able to sleep in peace knowing we are taken care of. Thanks so much for being our heroes! 

Lastly - a special thanks to Susie Homeyer and Michelle Savensky who were available at each class, kept us informed, provided invaluable information and smiled while doing it all! 

I would encourage everyone to sign up for the next set of classes. Having lived here my entire life - I still learned a lot and my eyes are open more than ever as to what all they each do. 

Keep Up the Great Work! 


Jennifer Ramirez