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Regarding August 10 Opinion article 'The New WMA; the Same Old SNAFU

August 24, 2022 - 00:00

Regarding August 10 Opinion article 'The New WMA; the Same Old SNAFU

Dear Editor:

The notion that the citizens of Grimes County are somehow moving back to a time when skin color was the basis of holding office in the county is ridiculous! I am certainly no historian, but a simple google search can reveal much. Let’s just set the record straight. After the civil war, the Republicans (mostly black men) and populists joined forces. It was the Democrats who set up a system in this county for political power and the WMUA. Today, Grimes County predominately votes for the Republicans and interestingly, of late, there is a populist influence. In this sense, the pendulum has swung.

But has the pendulum swung due to skin color? Or could it be that the good people of this county value the qualities of good character; Texas/American values respecting life and liberty; solid economic principles; strong families; and America first principles?

There is no longer a WMUA, but the desire of the Democrats to exercise control over your life and property, and to undo your Constitutional rights is alive and well. The Republican party looks beyond and around skin color into the character of a person. If you aren’t a fan of identity politics and just want good, honest people who have decent, Texan values and you want to be able to live and afford a good life as free people, then you are welcome to vote Republican and file to run as a Republican when the time comes.

Susan Patrick, Chairman, Grimes County Republican Party