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TCR has NOT left the station!

Dear Editor,

To those that are concerned and have a need or want to know, Texas Central Railroad, i.e., TCR, has NOT left the station. Why you might ask? Because there is NO station. There is NO high speed train. There are NO tracks. TCR is only on paper and in the thoughts and minds of some who truly do not care about Texas.

To update you, TCR does not have Eminent Domain Authority, never has had Eminent Domain Authority and from my point of view, hopefully never will have that authority. Opposition has beat TCR at the District Court level. TCR won an appeal of their case from a court in Corpus Christi, Texas. Currently this case is in front of the Texas Supreme Court waiting for a ruling. Eight counties along the route have filed amicus briefs in support of their opposition to this project.

Also, more than a few of our Texas Legislators are reviewing legislation designed to stop this type of “land grab” from occurring now and in the future of Texas landowners. So once again, Texas Central Railroad is not a railroad. TCR does not have NOT eminent domain authority even though that is what has been told to many landowners.

So, for those that believe this is a done deal and there is no stopping this high speed rail project, I beg to differ with you along with those associated with TAHSR, Texans Against High Speed Rail.

Respectfully shared, Joe Fauth III Grimes County Judge Anderson, TX