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Grimes County Miracle…

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Little Christopher is home!

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    Examiner photos: Sheriff Don Sowell never gave up hope that little Christopher would be found. After almost 72-hours of the 3-year-old being lost in the woods and almost five miles away from his home, we witnessed a miracle in Grimes County. Pictured: Christopher Ramirez was welcomed home by his family. Center: Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell and Christopher Ramirez at Ramirez’s home. Right: Grimes County Sgt. Martha Smith (pictured left) and FBI Agent Maria Rodriguez (pictured right) created a special bond with Christopher’s mom, Aracely Nuñez-Lule, while awaiting his safe return.
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PLANTERSVILLE – The Bible shares accounts of many miracles, and God proved He is still in the miracle-working business with the safe return of 3-year-old Christopher Ramirez who went missing from his home Wednesday, Oct. 6.

Reported missing

Christopher’s mom Aracely Nuñez-Lule was at her home on the 10000 block of Deer Park Lane, in the Foxfire Subdivision, unloading her vehicle from a mobile-food business she operates. While unloading, she lost sight of Christopher for approximately two-minutes.

A neighbor told Nuñez she saw Christopher following his dog down the road and into a wooded area. Nuñez said she ran toward him calling out for him, but he never answered. The dog came back but Christopher never did. At approximately 1:52, 10-15 minutes after he was last seen, authorities were called, and the search began.

Massive search

Grimes County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call and search dogs from Texas Department of Criminal Justice were dispatched to the location. Search dogs, using blankets and pillows to get Christopher’s scent, followed the scent into the woods but lost it at a small algae-covered pond.

Fearing the worst, a dive team with sonar equipment scoured the pond throughout the night, but the search turned up empty. Wanting to rule-out the possibility that little Christopher entered the pond, Grimes County Sheriff Don Sowell decided to have firefighters pump the ponds the next day. “Thankfully he was not there,” said Sowell.

Unlimited resources

Sowell vowed not to leave or give up hope until Christopher was returned home. Many agencies including local fire departments, neighboring law enforcement agencies, Texas Department of Public Safety, search and rescue organizations as well as the FBI and Department of Homeland Security responded to search for the missing boy.

Searches included ground searches with dogs, horses, ATV’S and aerial searches with helicopters and drones. Authorities also searched door-to-door in nearby homes, vehicles, buildings, swimming pools, etc. Video from surveillance cameras were also obtained and reviewed.

Unwavering faith

Grimes County Sergeant Martha Smith remained with the mom and the family throughout the duration of Christopher’s disappearance.

Smith stated as time passed it became extremely more difficult not having answers to share with Christopher’s mom and family.

A mom herself, it was taking a toll on Sgt. Smith. “I wanted to be able to give Christopher’s mom some news. I couldn’t stand the thought of telling her again there was still no update,” explained Smith.

Unfortunately as of Saturday morning, October 9, 2021, there were still no answers. “Christopher’s mom looked me in the eyes and asked me if there were any updates, I fought back tears as I told her no.” Even at one of the darkest times, Nuñez comforted Sgt. Smith. “Don’t worry. I have faith that God will bring me my son back today.”

Hearing God’s voice

Tim Halfin, a landowner off FM 1486 near Highway 249, first learned about Christopher’s disappearance at a Bible study Friday, Oct. 8. “Last night I was in a Bible study that we have every other Friday and there were a number of people talking about this little boy that’s been lost and it was news to me,” said Halfin. “This is the first I’d heard of it. I’m not paying attention to news or anything, and, I was prompted then by the Spirit to say ‘you will go look for that boy. You will search the woods.’”

“So, I got up this morning, did my bible study, devotional time, prayer time, like I try to do every day, and my wife came in and said, ‘what are you going to do today?’ And I said, ‘I’m going to go out in the woods and see if I can find that boy.’ And I did.”

After searching approximately two hours, he was walking down a pipeline clearing and heard a noise about 10-yards into the woods that sounded like an animal in distress. Halfin called out but didn’t get a response. Once he heard the noise again, he called authorities to notify them.

“They came out and I told them where to go looking and they started looking and I heard the noise up the pipeline, a little further off to the right and they were doing their thing. They were yelling for Christopher and now I know his name.”

Halfin was returning home and calling out for Christopher and this time he got a response. He found him in a grassy area. “I picked him up and he was totally naked - no shoes, no clothing, nothing . Three days without food or water,” explained Halfin. “I picked him up and he wasn’t shaking, he wasn’t nervous. He was calm.”

“There have been a lot of people out in this community praying for this little boy. Many had given up hope and the story is don’t give up hope and God’s still in the miracle business,” Halfin said. “He’s still answering prayers.”

Returning home

Christopher was treated and released from Texas Children’s Hospital. He was escorted home by law-enforcement. His mom had a chance to share her gratitude.

“Thank you everyone. I am very happy to have my son in my arms,” she said. “I want to thank everyone for their time and their dedication and for all the people that helped find him. Thank you for everyone that prayed because prayer was the reason he was found,” she said.

Christopher’s grandfather Juan Nuñez said he wants to thank everyone who assisted in helping bring his grandson home safely and all the media for helping to spread the word.

We witnessed a true miracle in Grimes County.