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Mudcats fall to Lakers

June 05, 2019 - 00:00
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    Courtesy photo The Colson sisters take a break in between swims at the Navasota Swimming pool.
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    Courtesy photo by McKenna Holloway. James Kimble is all concentration in Saturday’s meet against the Huntsville Lakers.

The Navasota Mudcats fell just short of a victory against the Huntsville Lakers 597-560. Mateo Hererra, Kyla Hataway and Rylee Rutledge placed first in each of their events. Several swimmers qualified to attend an invitational meet after the conclusion of the regular season. *Indicates invitational qualifier

6 and under (25 yards)


Tessa Jackson: Free: Fourth, Back: Fourth Jaycie Reyes: Free: Third, Back: Second Samantha Salinas: Free: Fifth Esme’ Spinks: 50-yard Free: Seventh, Free: Second*, Back: Third


Mateo Herrera: Free: First, Back: First

7 & 8 years old (25 yards) Girls

Emelia Alvarado: 50-yard Free: Eighth, Free: Twelfth, Back: Tenth Camryn Colson: 50-yard Free: Sixth, Free: Eleventh Makenzye Parker: Free: Second*, Breast: Third*, Back: Second* Maddie Reed: Free: Fifth*, Back: Third* Natalia Salinas: Free: Tenth, Back: Ninth

Girls 8 & under

100-yard Medley Relay Camryn Colson, Makenzye Parker, Maddie Reed, Esme‘ Spinks: Second


Cale Holligan: Free: Third, Breast: Third, Fly: Second Bentley Jolly: Free: Fourth, Back: Second, Fly: First Rylan Reyes: 50-yard Free: Seventh, Free: Sixth, Back: First Dax Williams: 50-yard Free: Eighth, Free: Seventh, Back: Fourth 100 yard Free Relay Bentley Jolly, Dax Williams, Rylan Reyes, Cale Holligan: First

9 & 10 years old (25 yards) Girls

Marilis Alvarado: Free: Second, Back: Fourth, Fly: Fourth Caidlyn Colson: 50-yard Free: Third, Free: Third, Back: Second Elliott Cunningham: Breast: First*, 100-yard IM: Second, Fly: Second Kyla Hataway: Free: First*, 100-yard IM: First*, Fly: First* Izzy Reed: 50-yard Free: First, Breast: Second, Back: First Mattie Sweeney: 50-yard Free: Fifth, Free: Fourth, Back: Third 100- yard Medley Relay Izzy Reed, Elliott Cunningham, Kyla Hataway, Marilis Alvarado: First 100-yard Free Relay Elliott Cunningham, Marilis Alvarado, Izzy Reed, Kyla Hataway: First


Evan Otto: Free: Second*, Breast: Third*, Back: Third Owen Otto: 50-yard Free: Second*, Breast: Fourth*, Fly: Fourth Bryan Pederson: 50-yard Free: Sixth, Free: Eleventh, Back: Fifth Mario Solis: Free: Ninth, Fly: Seventh Luis Solis: Free: Tenth, Breast: Fifth, Back: Second Silas Spinks: 50-yard Free: Fourth, Free: Seventh, Fly: Fifth Sutton Stuart: Free: Eighth, Fly: Sixth Samuel Tejeda: Free: Third*, 100-yard IM: First*, Fly: First* Sam Thomas: 100-yard IM: Second*, Back: First*, Fly: Second* 100-yard Medley Relay Bryan Pederson, Evan Otto, Sam Thomas, Samuel Tejeda: Second Luis Solis, Owen Otto, Silas Spinks, Sutton Stuart: Third 100-yard Free Relay Sam Thomas, Owen Otto, Evan Otto, Samuel Tejeda: First

11 & 12 years old (50 yards) Girls

Alysson Bustamante: Free: Tenth, Back: Tenth Carmen Herrera: Free: Ninth, Back: Ninth Kara Holligan: Free: Eleventh, Back: Eleventh Molly Meadows: 100-yard Free: Fourth, Free: Seventh, Back: Sixth*

Courtesy photo

Remi Pistler: Free: Sixth, Breast: Fifth, Back: Fifth* Danielle Santiago: 10- yard Free: Third Avah Tejeda: Free: Third*, Breast: Third*, Back: Third* 200-yard Medley Relay Remi Pistler, Avah Tejeda, Danielle Santiago, Molly Meadows: Second 200-yard Free Relay Danielle Santiago, Molly Meadows, Remi Pistler, Avah Tejeda: Second


Maddox Parker: Free: Second*, Breast: First*, Fly: First* Orlando Santiago: Free: Sixth, Breast: Third, Back: Second Lawson Stuart: Free: Eighth, Breast: Fourth, Back: Fourth Mark Thomas: Free: Seventh, Back: Third 200-yard Medley Relay Mark Thomas, Orlando Santiago, Maddox Parker, Lawson Stuart: First 200-yard Free Relay Orlando Santiago, Lawson Stuart, Mark Thomas, Maddox Parker: First

13 & 14 years old (50 yards) Girls

Lauren Brooker: Free: Second*, Breast: Third, Back: Third*


Cooper Flournoy: Free: Third, Back: Second, Fly: Third Francisco Herrera: Free: Second, Breast: Fourth, Back: Third* James Kimble: 100-yard Free: First*, Breast: Second*, Fly: Second* Landen Murphy: Free: Fourth, Back: Fourth, Fly: Fourth 200-yard Medley Relay Francisco Herrera, Cooper Flournoy, James Kimble, Landen Murphy: First 200-yard Free Relay Francisco Herrera, Landen Murphy, Cooper Flournoy, James Kimble: First

15 - 18 years old (50 yards) Women

McKenna Holloway: Free: First*, 100-yard IM: First*, Fly: Second* Taylah Lipscomb: 100-yard Free: Third*, Free: Third*, Back: Second* Briana Tejeda: 100-yard Free: Second*, Free: Second*, Back: First*


Daniel Almanza: 100 yard Free: Second*, Breast: Fifth*, 100 yard IM: Fourth* Cory Baldobino: Free: Fourth*, Back: Third*, Fly: Fifth* Ryan Garcia: Free: Seventh, Breast: Sixth, 100-yard IM: Fifth Rylee Rutledge: 100 -ard Free: First*, Breast: First*, Back: First* Josh Thomas: Free: Fifth*, Back: Fourth, Fly: Fourth* 200-yard Medley Relay Cory Baldobino, Daniel Almanza, Rylee Rutledge, Josh Thomas: Second 200-yard Free Relay Cory Baldobino, Daniel Almanza, Josh Thomas, Rylee Rutledge: Second