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Stafford addresses utility outages in Navasota

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Grilling Stafford had a new face helping to put Navasota City Manager Brad Stafford on the hot seat with a series of questions submitted from the community.

Matthew Ybarra, from the Navasota Examiner joined Willy 98.7 Radio Personality Kenny Graves on episode 36 of Grilling Stafford. In this episode Stafford addressed a utility outage caused by a truck hauling an oversized load.

Stafford also discussed the “winter storm” that hit Navasota and what affects it had on the city.

Highlights from Grilling Stafford — Episode 36

After the incident last Friday with the truck knocking out power lines, is there a concerted effort to keep big trucks on the truck routes? “Yes, we have always had a concerted effort. The problem we run into is we don’t have enough manpower to patrol just those trucks with big loads. A load like that is supposed to have a permit and they have a route they are designated to take and if they get off of their route, they cause problems for us. And that is what happened — they did not read their permit properly. They followed the wrong route and made a big mistake.”

How has the response been from vendors for the Texas Birthday Bash this year? “It has been great! People are calling and asking are you having it? Are you not having it? Our plan is to move forward. We are anticipating some good turn outs, but we are still encouraging social distancing and all that, but our vendors have really come out in full force and they are ready to go. “

What impact did the “winter storm” Sunday have on Navasota? Did the city take any precautions preparing roads? “Asfctr as impact, it didn’t have a major impact. Well, actually, I shouldn’t say that. Ifyou ask the police department, the tow trucks and some of the firefighters, it did take a toll. We had a lot of people who thought they needed to get out and drive in this weather. They did not understand what it takes to drive in snow and ice and we had a lot of people in ditches and near miss accidents. As far as the roads, we worked with TxDOT. They let us know they would be here to take care of the bridges and make sure the bridges didn’t ice over.”

Is there a contact for anyone that needs immediate food or shelter within the city? “We don’t have a shelter here, but they can talk to the Christian Community Center or area churches. Often times the police department get calls, and we take care of it the best we can.”

Who should railroad crossing malfunctions be reported to? “There is a couple of ways you can report that. You can look at the number on the box at the intersection and make that phone call, or most people call the Navasota Police Department. The dispatchers take care of reporting that to the correct railroad “

Is there an ordinance preventing trains from stopping within the city limits?

“Yes, it is a violation of a city ordinance. There’s a certain amount of time they have to be stopped before we can issue a citation. There is certain criteria that has to come in to play but there is very little we can do to regulate all of that. “

Why does Navasota charge $1.50 to pay bills online? Is there a charge added when bills are paid at the kiosk? There ‘s no charge added when I pay by mail or in person with a check or credit card. “That $1.50 does not come back to the city. That is actually a processing fee that the company that we utilize charges. That is the only place where the fee comes in to play. It is basically a convenience fee that pays for the service that is offered.”

To view the full video of Grilling Stafford — Episode 36, or to watch archived episodes, visit The Examiner website, If you would like to submit a question for Grilling Stafford, email news@navasotaexaminer. com. New episodes of Grilling Stafford are released every Thursday.