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An eventful Independence Day

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    Richards News Beverly Igo

Hope your Fourth of July was a great one. Many folks in town celebrated in many ways including fireworks, parades, picnics, and most of all with family. I realize many folks have since have not received much news this week. Please keep your news coming! It is important to us.

I have been busy myself. In fact, I just finished tending to my chicks. A day or so ago I went to water my plants after a trip to West Texas and I heard a commotion at the chicken house. My chickens, guineas , and ducks have been shut-in so I decided a snake must be in the hen house. After arming myself I headed out when my dog Chewy got my attention swimming in a water trough. I stopped, got the water hose and started filling up other containers of water for the animals. Suddenly Chewy jumped out of the trough and began chasing something that was in the duck pen. I thought it was a little chick that might belong to the old setting hen that had made her nest on top of the duck pen and had been sitting for a while. On the edge of the duck pen sat a small cage where I wanted to relocate the hen, eggs and chick for protection. I picked up the cage when I noticed a snake dangling from it. I took care of the snake so it wouldn’t hurt my hens and chicks. I looked down and noticed two chicks so I decided to take them in for shelter till they can get a little bigger. They are now in my bird room along with the mother hen and eggs. Last time I checked I had seven chicks.

A special thanks to Lucy Lange Ybarra for reminding me to put out moth balls to keep the snakes away. Golf balls are good too.

We traveled to visit Lee’s mother in west Texas. My daughter Shanna and her children went along for the trip. After driving most of the day we stopped for a restroom break. Blayze my youngest of the three on the trip got out of the car and said It looked like we are in Mexico. It seemed like it after driving all day. My husband’s brother and his wife visited with his mother from Montana. Lee enjoyed the visit and enjoyed time spent with them.

We made it home for the fourth just in time for my granddaughter Faith and her brothers Blayze and Weston to ride in the Navasota parade. Lee and I enjoyed the parade with our grandchildren in it. Gracie Blair was the only grandchild who didn’t participate. She enjoyed watching the parade with her mother and daddy. They have been participants in the parade in the past, but with Jenna expecting a baby in about week, the hot day may have been too exhausting. My daughter Shala and Clay surprised us by riding a bicycle built for two, pulling their little one in a carrier. The other six children either rode bicycles, skateboards or skates. My son Cody and his wife Megan were in the parade, and you couldn’t miss their little boy with his red hair and red wagon surrounded by flags. The parade gets larger each year.

My brother Frank Rosenquist and his family were in the parade. Janet sat with us to watch the festivities. It was a great honor to see their son-in-law Jeff who proudly serves our country and was in town to watch his children in the parade.

I told my brother that between our families, we had around 30 people in the parade. He said we had 46. He counted his wife’s family, the Wisnoski‘s too. Roy and Mary Kay Wisnoski, Robert and Rebecca Wisnoski and Johnny and Haven Wisnoski sported their old trucks and sporty vehicles. There was so many unique things in this year’s parade! It was fun and a great way to celebrate this special day!

Don’t forget to participate in the parade next year. Thanks to the city of Navasota for all they do.

Lee went home to rest while I headed to the Roans Prairie Community Center’s Fourth of July social that was put on by several civic clubs and others in the community. They had free ice cream and I had fun playing bingo. There were many people from different towns and at least one of my readers told me they were at the social because they read about it in my column. It was a nice event. Most of the people w ere from different areas of the county.

I left early to attend a surprise birthday party for Patricia Dobyanski and her sister Dianne Dobyanski who also celebrates on the Fourth. Patricia and I have been friends for many years. It was a special day. Happy birthday to those beautiful ladies.

Please continue to pray for our president, our country and those effected by the earthquake. Pray for Tere Phelps,

Marie Tomkivits and all people suffering from cancer.

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