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Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Let me start by saying I am not one that always looks for a conspiracy. I accept the Kennedy Assassination Report and I believe that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, not on a Hollywood film set. But the other day a neighborhood friend, I’ll call him Alan, suggested to me this reaction to COVID-19, the Wuhan Virus, is being used to condition Americans to giving up their freedoms in the name of health and safety. The crisis is being used to get the American populace accustomed to yielding their freedoms in response to “medical emergencies” and accepting handouts from the government. This conditioning is being used to prepare us for the coup with the next pandemic.

I thought to myself this guy has a bad case of crazies. Then I began to look at what is actually happening.

First, we were asked to stay home and keep our distance from others to “flatten the curve and slow the spread” of a highly infectious, deadly virus. As the virus spread, and we learned more, we found that indeed it is infectious, but not nearly as deadly as originally thought, and probably not any more infectious than the seasonal flu. Yet, as we see that the risk is not as great as originally purported, we are still asked to stay home, and there is a real reluctance by some in government to loosen the restrictions. Some governors are even issuing very drastic and reactionary orders with surveillance by drones to assure compliance.

Further, a number of real doctors (those that see real patients) are starting to point out that our national reaction has been highly irregular. Usually when there is a patient with an infectious disease, we put that patient in quarantine, not the rest of the world. These same doctors point out that we are not able to develop a “herd” immunity while confined at home. They question the logic of our reaction. I’m starting to think Alan may not be so crazy.

Bob Roseman Iola, TX